Milestone 1

Before I launch any of my own products, I wanted to get in touch with other people who have similar goals or already have some experience launching their own products. On Friday the 11th of May I started a Telegram group called Beginning Creators. Five days later, we have 60 members in the chat. Apparently, lots of people are looking for ways to connect with other creators, to help each other out and share inspiration and projects. Lots of knowledge in there and excited to see where it goes!

Milestone 2

It took a while, but have decided what my first project will be. Since the beginning of August I’ve been working on Attendy. The idea started shortly after I deleted my Facebook account and I wanted to plan a party for my birthday. Normally, I’d use Facebook events to invite everyone. Since that wasn’t possible anymore, I wanted to build a web app that allows you to quickly create an event, have a place to manage your event and see who’s attending and be able to share your event with people through a link where they can indicate whether they’re coming. The MVP part of this (which is currently live) was built entirely without code. Using Webflow, Zapier and Airtable it was possible to build this in a matter of days. The reason for starting this project, though, was to learn how to code,  which is what I am currently working on. My goal is to replace the current MVP with a version that is fully functional and fully coded by myself. Stay tuned.