What are the ingredients for recurring revenue?

To make any kind of revenue, there will have to be a/some product(s). Before I can build any products, there will have to be some ideas. This is why I’ve decided to maintain a list of requirements my ideas will have to meet. They’re a work in progress (and not very specific yet), but are meant to guide me toward some exciting projects.

💻 Website based

🔌 Simple

📝Easily prototypeable

💳 Subscriptions

🔓 Open

My approach for finding the right side project to invest my time in, will be to build MVPs for a number of different ideas. Launching these MVPs will show which ideas might work and which ideas probably won’t work. This approach – inspired by “I’m Launching 12 Startups in 12 Months” by Pieter Levels – will prevent spending too much time and energy on a product that nobody will end up using.

While I’m updating the list above and brainstorming during the coming months, I’ll also be developing my coding skills. My aim is for my skill level to intersect with an interesting project to grow it into a fleshed out product.

Keep an eye out for my next post to know which projects I’ll be working on.