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Why do this now? A couple of reasons:

šŸ¼ I’m 23 years old and have the ambition to become an independent creator before Iā€™m 30 years old.

āœ… It’s never been easier for a person to go out and build things with little to no external funding.

āŒš Since starting my first full-time job three months ago, I want to know if I can pull this off at the same time.

šŸŒ“ The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

The first time I learned anything about code was back in 2013 (check out for a laugh). Back then I was focused on finishing as many online courses as I possibly could to get better at coding. The truth, though, is this:


And that’s why I am publishing on an unfinished website, with no idea of what I actually want to build. Sharing how to get from this point, to eventually earning revenue with something I built myself is part of the experience.

Starting date: 1st of May, aka 33% of 2018.